I have had the pleasure of having my skills and experience in Information Security of the last 20 years endorsed by the National Cyber Security Centre through an assessment of examples of my work over the last 8 years with the award of Certified Cyber Professional (CESG Certified Professional) as at 31st August 2020.

Data Privacy Management Breach Management  GDPR Data Protection Officer

CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional

Backed by the two leading not-for-profits focussed on information and cloud security, (ISC)² and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the CCSP is the only vendor-neutral credential that confirms demonstrated competence and experience in securing cloud computing environments.

CLOUD SECURITY OPTIMISATION : Secure and optimize your organization’s use of cloud computing infrastructure and services with a qualified professional who has demonstrated his cloud security competence

1. Architectural Concepts & Design Requirements
2. Cloud Data Security

CLOUD SECURITY RISK MITIGATION STRATEGIES Ensure your work teams stay current on evolving cloud technologies, threats and mitigation strategies by use of a CCSP ( Certified Cloud Security Professional

3. Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security
4. Cloud Application Security

CLOUD SECURITY BUSINESS OPERATIONS AND ORGANISATIONAL INTEGRITY : Ensure your organization is applying the proper cloud security controls not only internally but also with third parties by reinforcing risk and legal requirements through cloud contract and SLAs with cloud service providers and in the eyes of clients and other stakeholders

5. Operations

CLOUD SECURITY BEST PRACTICE : using the two leading stewards of information and cloud security knowledge – (ISC)² and CSA , your organization can be confident it reflects the most current required best practices.

6. Legal & Compliance