A2 - Policy & Standards CCP Certified Skill

 NCA July 2013 to October 2013 Government Agency ( NCA / SOCA )

 A2 - Policy & Standards CCP Certified Skill

Task : Working on the architecture and policy requirements for moving from Protective Marking Security at Confidential to Government Security Classification standard at Secret. In order to progress this I worked with partner organisations ACPO , police forces  , Cabinet Office, stakeholders and CESG to produce Gap Analysis of requirements from CESG Information Assurance Portfolio ( IAP ) for operation of the new GSC from April 2014.

Result : The re-written policies in accordance with requirements were reviewed by the SOCA Accreditor before being issued. 

ECINS March 2012 – to April 2012 Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise CLAS Consultancy

A2 - Policy & Standards ECINS CCP Certified Skill

Situation and Task : I was the CLAS consultant assisting https://empowering-communities.org/ to get impact level 3 accreditation for the https://www.e-cins.co.uk/ system in the period 2013 to 2016.

While they were doing a great deal for themselves while  they were going through an ISO27001 certification process I offered to produce a SyOPS for them to cover all of the standard requirements of such a document for their BIL3 accreditation project.

Result : This document was delivered to the Empowering Communities business for their review. The document was adjusted to suit the requirements of the business and accepted into the their documentation portfolio under their ISO27001 certification project.