B2 - Risk Management CCP Certified Skill

GDS June 2017-July 2018 Cabinet Office Government Digital Service (GDS) Information Security Manager

 B2 - Risk Management CCP Certified Skill Example 1

I was  asked to examine a software tool produced for a government department and verify that it was fit for purpose for sharing with and use by other government departments . Established the Risk Tolerance using the Cabinet Office Tolerance Table

Result : The risks were mitigated by the supplier and the accreditor signed off the risk documentation together with a certificate of assurance and agreed an FAQ describing the assurance process.


B2 - Risk Management Certified Skill Example 2

I was was asked to support the DDAT (Digital and Data workforce)  survey  project’s use of an  HR Data analysis software ( as a service )

Result : These risks and mitigations were agreed with the supplier and the mitigations were applied before the tool was employed. The ongoing review and management of risk was build into the procurement contract.