C2 - Secure Development CCP Certified Skill

Moneyadvice.org.uk  April 2012 to June 30th 2012 : Security Consultant and Agile Development  Penetration Testing


 Clas Consultancy

 C2 - Secure Development CCP Certified Skill

I undertook a CLAS consultancy and was asked to undertake code testing of the web site during sprint delivery.

Result : The errors identified from my testing were scheduled for remediation in the backlog program for remediation. The application was tested by CHECK teams before deployment. 

Borders July 2015 to April 2016 Home Office UK Borders Application Development Information Security

C2 - Secure Development CCP Certified Skill

I was the conduit between the project and the accreditor for the activities of the project and reported to accreditor on the state of the project development sprints.

All application modules were CHECK tested before deployment.

Result : The pilot application was approved for deployment by the accreditor.