F2 – Investigation CCP Certified Skill

 Office of Fair Trading : 1st October 2012 to 26th February 2013 IT Security Officer and Security Consultant

F2 – Investigation CCP Certified Skill

An incident when a contractor was found to be using a private Gmail account for his contracted business for the department. I was asked by the DSO  to investigate

Result : The outcome of this investigation was discussed with DSO and SIRO with regard to this contractor ideally being equipped with an HMG laptop and to develop future policy of so equipping contractors.

GDS June 2017-July 2018 Cabinet Office Government Digital Service (GDS) Information Security Manager

F2 – Investigation CCP Certified Skill

Attendance at incident meetings to ensure the recording of root cause of security incidents

Result : In this mature environment I assisted by providing encouragement where required and to reinforce good actions whenever appropriate.. Reporting was as per my description of Incident management above. 

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